Crossfit Kids

CrossFit Kids

Prices starting from £6.50 a session.

CrossFit Kids is a dedicated program geared and designed for kids and teenagers of all abilities and their developmental needs; physically, mentally, and socially. It is not simply a scaled down version of adult CrossFit.

Our aim is to help them to develop a lifelong love of health and fitness, that is fun and inclusive.

The methods used to teach movement within this program are broad, general, and inclusive -meaning anyone can learn, from the youth athlete to the kid who’s never been exposed to exercise. CrossFit Kids participants will learn movement patterns for the squat, deadlift, press, and more, through age-appropriate progressions and games with their own body weight or equipment that is easily managed by their age group.

As health isn’t just about being active, our classes also include discussions on nutrition, sleep, stress, and other aspects of our lifestyle that impact our general wellbeing.

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